Our Mission

Enfant-Jésus Catholic School - the core of the francophone community in Dryden - is a dynamic family where the student, our raison d'être, enjoys a high quality education to develop as a good Christian and a francophone proud of his or her language and culture.

In a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment, and with the collaboration and dedication of staff, parents and community partners, our students experience authentic life through a multitude of academic, cultural and spiritual activities.

Our Values

We believe that students learn according to their own interests, preferences and style.

We believe that the role of the teacher is to be a partner in student learning by guiding them along their journey.

We have a duty to ensure the continuous learning of all our students by constantly questioning our practices and methods, adapting and modifying them and collaborating with our professional team.

The most important thing for us is to develop as a professional in order to form good citizens who can contribute to the advancement of society.

Our Goal

Our students will leave this school with a francophone identity and spiritual values of which they will be proud, a wealth of knowledge, skills and know-how and the tools to develop their full potential.

Our Intention

To ensure the success of all our students.

Our Commitments

The school team commits to:

  • to work collaboratively to harmonize its practices;
  • to meet the needs of each student; and
  • to implement and share innovative research-based teaching strategies.